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  1. Location:Medical Library computer room(70 people limited) or arranged by applier after approved by librarians
  2. Lectures content:Based on your requirement, or you can combine current available classes into different packages
  3. Service time: 8:20-12:00 or 13:00-17:00 Monday to Friday. If you have special needs, please contact us (06)2353535 ext.5122.
  4. Reservation Method: Accomplish the on-line reservation before the course 5 working days in advance.
    The service is for NCKU faculties and students only, no off-campus audition is accepted

Class Name
Minimal people
Resources and Services in Medical Library
1 hr

Introduce environment, facilities, resources and services of medical library.

Quick guide to techniques of developing search strategies and get access to library e-resources off campus.

At least 5 people
Collect Research Data:Skills for searching databases
1 hr

Introduce e-resources of specific field based on reserver's research topic and requirement.

Fields include medicine, anatomy, evidence-based medicine, emergency medicine, pharmacology, nursing, biomedical medicine and geriatric medicine.

At least 5 people

How to Practice Evidence-Based Medicine Literature Search

2 hrs

Guides to building clinical questions , evidence-based medicine resources and discrimination of the validity of evidence

At least 5 people
Where to find Chinese journals resources?
2 hrs

Different databases includes :

  1. Index to Taiwan Periodical Literature System(臺灣期刊論文索引系統)
  2. Airiti Library Chinese Electronic Periodicals Service(CEPS)(華藝線上圖書館CEPS中文電子期刊資料庫)S

At least 5 people
2 hrs

Reference manager helps you write papers easily. Basic functions from installation to writting in Words.

At least 5 people
1.5 hrs

Another reference manager helps you write papers easily. Basic functions from registeration online to writting in Words.

At least 5 people
Tools to improve and analyze your research competitiveness
1 hr

Learn more about the high quality research most relevant to your area of interest and improve your research competitiveness. Different Tools includes:

  1. Web of Science
  2. Journal Citation Reports
  3. Scopus
At least 5 people

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