• Recommendation guide
    1. Readers, NCKU faculty members and students, are welcome to use Suggest a Purchase of Library Materials for online recommendation. Before submitting a request, please check library’s WEBPAC to see whether the material you want is already in the collection or on order.
    2. All purchase suggestions will be appropriate to the fulfillment of our collection development policy and be considered within the constraints of our budget. The Library purchases comprehensive and general books / materials in principle. Demand for scholarly ones is subjected to be recommended by academic department with financial support. As to certain topics with controversial issues or materials, will be reviewed by the library's governing body.
    3. You can suggest up to 5 Chinese books, 3 foreign language books, a maximum amount of NT$3,000 for A/V materials each semester. Any increase or decrease in purchase works according to annual revenue and expenditure.
    4. Scholarly foreign language journals are subjected to be recommended only by academic department. There is a limit of 2 Chinese journals, 1 foreign language journal for comprehensive and nonacademic journals per semester per person. All requests for new journal subscriptions will be examined by Periodicals Dept.
    5. As to remaining requests beyond the limit of quantity and budget, we will add the valuable items to the waiting list and do as many appropriate purchases as possible but not giving loan priority service.
  • Purchasing process
    1. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase suggestion. Please check your email holder or visit Suggest a Purchase of Library Materials with your ID number. We collect suggested titles and will place orders in due course.
    2. The Library conducts purchase activities based on Government Procurement Law. We generally run the purchase and receipt tasks in group or batch.
    3. In principle, the average turnaround time of foreign items from placing orders to ready for use ranges from 3 to 4 months.
    4. In general, the average turnaround time of Chinese items from placing orders to ready for use ranges from 2 to 3 months.
    5. All newly acquired items will be cataloged and set properly on the shelves. You can check library’s WEBPAC for your suggested title.

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